Paleo Restart


The Paleo Recipe Book
Are you trying to start Paleo but feeling a little overwhelmed? Or are you struggling to get back into healthy habits after a rough holiday season? Enter Paleo Restart: it’s a 30-day support program to help you restart your health with Paleo. Inside, you’ll find…

• Fully-written meal plans with simple recipes and printable shopping lists.

• Built-in modifications for special variations of Paleo (e.g. autoimmune Paleo or egg allergies).

• Fresh tips and support emailed to you every day.

• A journal to track weight loss, mood, sleep, and other health markers over the 30 days.

• Badges and points to celebrate your achievements.

If you’re a beginner, you can enjoy the health benefits of eating Paleo right away and learn all the background information in manageable chunks as you go. If you’re re-committing to Paleo, the structured meal plans makes it easy to get back to healthy eating, and keeping a daily journal is also a great motivator.


Paleo Restart

Paleo Restart 30 days is an ideal time frame to build new habits without being an overwhelming commitment – if Paleo isn’t working for you at the end, you can always leave it behind and never look back. Why not give it a try? Paleo Restart, our interactive 30-day program, is now also available HERE. It'll let you reset your body, lose weight and jump right into Paleo. OR, You can have a look at our Paleo Recipe Book. It's a cookbook we've created to help you eat the best Paleo food. It contains over 370 recipes and covers everything you need. Click HERE to have a look.